Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Black Orcs 1 & 2

Alright I managed to get 2 BoBs made this evening. Not great progress - normally I'd be happy to get 2 minis built (I usually build one and then paint it!) but in this case I need to do a whole team, so building and painting one at a time won't cut the mustard. So the plan for this week is to finish building another Blitzer tomorrow evening (as I have poker tomorrow), then do some serious construction on Wednesday - that would be BoB 3 & 4, plus the other 2 Blitzers at a minimum. Then I'd have Thursday to build 2 Throwers and 2 Linos, basically my whole team ready at this point (just a Troll and a Goblin after that), and I can start painting on Friday.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Blitzer 1

Have to make a Blood Bowl team for 4th July tournament. I've decided to take orcs. The current standard for ork/orc squad --> BB Orc team is great and not something that I could improve so I won't try. The only thing up for debate is 1) Ork Nobs or Ork boys? and 2) Dynamic poses? I've decided to go with Ork boys (cheaper - I'd have to buy 2 boxes of Nobs instead of 1 box of boys, increasing the monetary cost of my team by 25% when all things like Black Orcs, Goblins, Trolls, extra shoulder pads from bitz order etc are factored in). Also for simplicity and speed I'll go for relatively static poses. I'm sure at some point after the tourney I'll expand the team and this will give me an excuse to buy some Nobs and make them dynamic runners.

Anyway, first model is a Blitzer that I've made from some old bits, next up will be the BoBs and then remaining Blitzers, after that Throwers, Linos, a Troll and a Gobbo.